About Us

My journey

My story begins with my girlfriend’s printing press. When I look at the unique designs and think that customers will be really happy to receive these products as a gift. The uniqueness of these products has always attracted me. I decided to open 9Trendy so I could share my gift ideas with others!.
It makes me and my team quite happy to produce unique products here. I am lucky that there are teammates in this story who have a passion like me. We really like and enjoy our work, that’s why we produce high-quality products.
9Trendy is owned by a group of dedicated artists, striving to bring out only the best designs to all customers.

Where is 9Trendy located?

Our office is at 239 Sarah Drive, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA.

Team members

  • Allena Allena
  • Allena Elizabeth is a Recruitment Consultant and Social Media Manager. She is managing an online store. you can follow her work at.